Mission A to Zed is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of children in Africa. Our foundation accomplishes our mission by providing the children in private schools, orphanages and village schools (also referred to as community schools) and various needed locations with the tools, exposure and empowerment  they need to become inspired and educated. As a result of such impact, we foresee the children becoming successful adults who also benefit their communities into thriving and growth due to the positive impacts they have received  from our volunteers. To continue our success beyond 2014, we need professionals to accompany us to Zambia so that the children we encounter can be taught a wide range of skills that will tremendously impact their survival and growth.


This foundation knows that everyone and anyone can give back. All that is needed is love: Love for their passion, love for someone else, love for their talent. To someone in need, the love they receive speaks volumes. Whatever your talent, passion or profession is, please consider giving back by teaching and reaching one. We are seeking professionals such as teachers, nurses, barbers, doctors, farmers, skilled laborers, cosmetologists, accountants, life coaches, estheticians, electricians, and nutritionists who are willing to impart a portion of their craft and “themselves” to better the life of a child. Holistic education is our focus….inside the classroom and outside the classroom.



We are inspired by individuals and organizations that are benevolent of their time, talents and resources. We seek out innovative, expansive and impactful individuals and companies that seek to grow and develop Africa beginning with Zambia. We work with nonprofit organizations, public or private groups, churches, communities and individuals around the world. Our foundation seeks out individuals and organizations well-regarded for their leadership, expertise in their field/talent, excellent character, track record of success and compassion.




Lusungu Sibande-Simwinji

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Since 2003 I have been blessed to have had several opportunities to go home during June and July to work in various schools. The students and teachers have such an amazing desire to acquire new knowledge and implement new ways of teaching and learning. Every time I go to Zambia to teach, I am inspired and I know that THIS is what I was born to do. One teacher told me "I want you to go back to America and learn more so that you can come back to Zambia and teach me what you have learned." This is my calling and I am inspired by my people to be better, dig deeper and love harder. 



Kondi Sibande, RN HCA

Kondi Sibande, our Managing Director, has served for over 13 years in the healthcare industry and shares her passion of community service and volunteering of herself & her time on a local and global level. Her desire to serve her international community grew as she watched her sister take summers off during the school year and go back to Zambia as a volunteer, and professionally develop the teachers with tools she had obtained in the USA.  Miss Sibande's long history of volunteering locally includes a history of teaching children in the community to give back by taking them to local nursing homes where they perform praise dances they learned. Kondi's commitment to serving her local community can also be seen in her professional background as a Registered Nurse, which also permeates into her passion for social change and cultural diversity.


As you embark on a journey with A to Zed, Inc. you will find that your life will change. The difference that you make in the lives of the children in Zambia will change you inside and out. The significance of the life and legacy you leave will be impacted. Nelson Mandela says Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to CHANGE the world. It takes courage to leave your routines, homes and comforts to go across the world. I am honored to bear witness and work along side my sister, Lusungu, and those men and women who have answered the call to accomplish our Mission: A to Zed.